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How to Access Facebook in China

If you have been wondering how to access Facebook in China you will know how to do so in just a few minutes. Recently I traveled to China and I had to find a Facebook proxy for my trip. Before I left on the trip that was taking me half way across the world, I made sure to find a way to unblock blocked sites and get past the great firewall. I found the service that I use while searching the internet for a China proxy that also offers a free trial. I found a service that easily solves the issue of blocked websites here: https://anysitenow.net From there on, I was able to unblock YouTube and access Facebook… Which is impossible to do without the help of a web proxy. I kid you not.
Many people don’t realize when planning their trip that the internet in China is censored. Yup, that’s right. You are going to have to find a way to access Facebook in China, unblock YouTube and Twitter, gmail is blocked in China, as well as many other websites which you are used to having the ability to access from home. The question of how to access Facebook in China has come up between us travel expats many times, and therefor, I had to find a reliable China proxy service that will change my IP address to a country where the internet is not censored and blocked. The sooner, the better.

I love travelling and I enjoy posting pictures on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter of the places I have visited. That way, my family and friends back home can see what they are missing out on! I mean… Keep in touch and see all of the beautiful sites I visit while on my China trip.

I did some research before my trip, trying to find the best and most reliable China proxy service.

Here are my suggestions and thoughts when the question of how to access Facebook in China come up:

      • VPN- Virtual Private Network. I prefer not using a VPN since you have to download and install software programs onto your computer. The number one thought that comes to mind when I hear that I have to download software onto my computer from an unknown source is that it may be a virus. That is risky, and I will not take that chance. The number two thought is that now I have to figure out how to do all of that technical stuff. If I have another way to access Facebook in China, I prefer not using the VPN method.

      • TOR- A really great group of people run this service, so that people can surf the internet anonymously. Unfortunately, China has tightened its grip on the TOR network, and has made it more and more difficult to use this method in order to access Facebook in China and get around the great firewall.

      • Free Proxies- *If* you manage to find one that works, it will most likely be extremely slow, and will get shut down quickly. When using free proxies, you should know that there will not be a support team available to help you out with the web proxy when and if a problem occurs.

      • Secure Proxies- This is the best option for me. After trying the free trial that Proxy Center offers, I decided to sign up and see if the service works as well as the trial. During the trial I was able to unblock YouTube and access Facebook as well as Twitter. I have been using this secure web proxy service for a while already. I decided that it’s time to share the information with my friends who also travel frequently to countries where the internet is censored, such as Dubai, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam and Iran for example, so that when you ask yourselves how to access Facebook in China you have the answer. If you are still not convinced- all you have to do is use the free trial!

        The service provided by China Proxy Center is excellent, and anyone who uses them, will most likely agree with me. When I have a question, their (friendly) team replies that same day. The internet speed is very good, you don’t even realize that you’re using a proxy to get around the great firewall of China. Now you know how to access Facebook in China and unblock blocked sites! Enjoy your trip!


5 tips for getting a visa for china

  1. The Chinese government allows anyone to request a visa online. This is done by filling out the visa forms, just make sure you get all your details correct.
  2. HEre is the updated form for April 2017 please remember that it might change and the latest form for the Chinese VISA should always be the one you find at the Chinese embassy.
  3. The type of visa tourists need is “L” – This is the visa defined as “Foreigners who intend to go to China as a tourist.” Why are there so many types of VISAs? This is a great question 🙂
  4. The Chines are really interested to know everything about you. Thy require to have the original and photocopy of your valid certificates or visa of stay, residence, employment or student status, or other valid certificates of legal staying provided by the relevant authorities of the country where you are currently staying. Why do they need it? Nobody knows. However, please be ready with these documents.
  5. If you are invited by a Chinese company, make sure you have the letter of invitation. They WILL check it. And make sure that the company inviting you knows when exactly you’re coming. Just so they are ready for a phone call in case something goes wrong 🙂

What (not) to eat in China

One of the best reasons for traveling to China is food. However there are a few things you need to know before you taste everything.

Here are a few things you should know.


Try not to use UHT (ultra high temperature) processed milk. Although the high temperature kills all the bad stuff, it also kills the good stuff. Check labels to avoid products made from milk powder and reconstituted milk.


Frozen fish is better than live fish. Why? Because in order to keep the fish alive, in many cases farmers add Malachite Green (MG), an industrial dye, to the water carrying the fish.


The problem with shellfish is that the rivers are very polluted with heavy metals like nickel and chromium

Frozen Dumplings

Frozen Dumplings muse be fresh. Don’t buy old ones.

So what can you eat? Hmm. Let me think 🙂

Vaccinations – yes or no?

When traveling to new places, it is important to think about everything. Including health.

Well, that’s obvious, no? Apparently not. A recent study shows 78% of parents believe that their children get too many shots.

And when those children travel, do they get their shots?

Our recommendation is absolutely yes. Get your family vaccinated, especially when traveling to countries like China where the food is different, the water is different, the climate, the natural system, everything.

I’m sure that if you’ll ask the local Chinese they will say that their country is clean and safe and there is nothing to worry about, and that indeed might be true, however this is a risk you can not take.



Chinese Food Recipes

I am a huge Chinese food fan. Just because I am not currently in China, and I don’t feel like going out to eat at a chinese restaurant, doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy some good Chinese food! I am hosting a dinner party at my home and having some friends and family over to celebrate my birthday, and I decided to cook! For those of you who enjoy a good home cooked meal, and would like to try these out yourself, here is my menu and the Chinese food recipes.

I like to start out with a soup. I chose to cook up a corn soup, it came out hot and yummy.


5 cups clear soup broth (I use chicken soup mix and add water)
1/4 cup butter
1 can cream-style corn
1 onion, chopped up
1 1/2 tablespoons flour
1 teaspoon ground nutmeg, or to taste
1 egg, you can use more if you would like
fresh ground pepper, may need to add salt

The way I prepare this is that I add everything to a pot excpet for the eggs. Once the soup is boiling, I beat the egg well, and slowly add it to the boiling soup that it turns into strands of egg in the soup. YUM.

chinese food recipes


Main course: Sesame Chicken, fried rice and green beans.

Sesame chicken:

6 boneless skinless chicken breast halves, clean and dry
1/2 a cup of honey
1/2 a cup of soy sauce
1 cup of water
2 tablespoons of cornstarch
1/2-1 teaspoon ground ginger (fresh is better)
1/2-1 teaspoon red pepper flakes (optional as it is spicy)
1 tablespoon toasted sesame seeds

I do this the easy, quick way. I mix all of the ingredients together, pour it over the chicken and put it into the oven covered.

Chinese food recipes


The fried rice recipe is actually the one I found here: http://therecipecritic.com/2013/08/easy-fried-rice It’s easy, and delicious.

Soy glazed green beans: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/guy-fieri/soy-glazed-green-beans-recipe.html

For desert I serve another Chinese food staple: I simply fry up sliced bananas and make a vanilla (egg-less!) ice cream to go along with it.

Chinese food recipes


Vanilla ice cream recipe:

2 containers of whipped cream- beat until stiff, add 1/2 cup of sugar, 2 tsp vanilla extract, whip it up and put into freezer.

This meal is super tasty, without having to leave my house!

Duck Search in China

Have you heard the news yet? Duck search in China no longer exists. Yet another website has been banned and put behind the great firewall of China. Duck search, also known as https://duckduckgo.com has recently vanished, according to thenextweb.com Looking for a solution?

Why, you may ask has China decided to ban duck search in China? Well, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many other communication platforms have been banned in China as well. For this reason: the Chinese government does not want you to be able to read, see or hear anything that has not been approved by them. They want to have the ability to control you. They do not want you to get any information that has not been approved by them. Thus, a search engine that they do not have control over, has now been banned.

The user base for duckduckgo is estimated at around one billion, which leads us to believe that Chinese users will be affected if this is the search engine that they use. If you are thinking of switching over to Google…. Well, think again. Google has been blocked in China for a while already.

You can go over to Baidu, which is the Chinese equivalent of Google, however, since it is run by the Chinese government, there is a good chance that your search results will not be organic. By organic, I mean, the results are censored. You will not see the same results you would normally see, they will be results from within the great firewall of China.

At this point, the only way to get around the internet censorship and have the ability to do a duck search in China is with what we call an anonymous web proxy This China proxy solves the issue of internet censorship in China. You will be able to unblock blocked sites very easily.

If you would like to continue seeing organic search results in China, I would recommend getting yourself a secure website proxy server which will hide you IP address so that you can start or continue having the ability to access Facebook in China, unblock YouTube, be able to do your duck search in China, use Google, Twitter…. and you get the gist of it by now, right?

Unblock Blocked Sites NOW!

This China proxy is a necessity at this point. As someone who travels to China frequently, without knowing what is going to get blocked next behind the great firewall of China, let alone, the sites that are already blocked, I personally would not travel without it.

Here is a quick summary of how to sign up to this China proxy:

duck search in china

  • Click on the Sign Up button (Feel free to read the reviews!)

duck search in china

  • Choose a plan. Are you going to be traveling to China long term, or are you going for a short trip/ visit? Since there are three options, you can choose accordingly. It makes it easy when there are several subscription plans.
  • You can pay either by credit card or PayPal, choose your payment method.
  • Click on Checkout.
  • If you have a proxy website coupon code, this is where you will enter it. You can use coupon code COUP25 for a 25% discount.

duck search in china

Once you have finished the signup process, which takes a total of about five minutes, you will receive your log-in details for your website proxy within minutes to your email inbox.

The support team is great and helpful, so if you have any questions, feel free to write to them!  Also… another great addition to this service is that they offer a FREE TRIAL! The free trial that Proxy Center offers does not require any personal details. All you have to do is click on the free trial button and you will be able to try out this China proxy for free!

Click Here for a Free Trial!

duck search in china

Photo: flickr.com/photos/aidanmorgan

Hide my IP and Access Facebook in China

When I visit China I always have to find a way to hide my IP address and find another way to access Facebook in China It’s not always so simple to figure out how to find a service that will allow you to unblock YouTube and access Facebook while you are in a country that bans so many websites behind the great firewall of China. All of the usual social media web sites that you are used to being able to access, are no longer available for access in China.

How do I hide my IP address and access Facebook in China you ask? It is very simple. It’s called web proxy. I may not have the ability to unblock Facebook through my IP address, however I can sign up to a proxy where the IP is located in a completely different country where this kind of internet censorship does not exist. You will be able to get around the great firewall of China quickly and easily.

The signup process is very simple. All you have to do is go to the web proxy center website and click on sign up. The really great thing about this service is that they offer a free trial. They offer a free trial WITHOUT asking for any personal information. You do not have to provide any personal or payment information in order to use this service.

Back to the sign-up process. Really, all you have to do is click on the sign-up button and sign up! It will probably take you less than five minutes to sign up, and you will receive your log-in details delivered to your inbox within minutes. It REALLY is that easy!

If you would like to read up more about the internet censorship in China and how to get around it read more here China web proxy for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so many other websites blocked behind the great firewall of China!

Access Facebook in China NOW!

access facebook in china




Unblock YouTube in Turkey

Twitter was blocked in Turkey a week ago. YouTube is blocked in Turkey now as well. What’s next? Google? Facebook? We will get to that when the time comes…. Now I am going to explain to you how to unblock YouTube in Turkey with a proxy service I recommend and use myself.

You may not know what the difference between a web proxy service and a VPN is. A VPN which stands for virtual private network is software which you have to install onto your computer, it requires downloading as well. Now, aside for the fact that I am not all that technical, who wants to take the risk of downloading a virus onto their computer? Ultimately, that is a risk you are taking when you download software onto your computer without knowing where it is coming from. Not a risk that I am interested in taking. It is not something you always consider when you are in a rush to find a solution to unblock YouTube in Turkey.

A web proxy is the simplest solution in my opinion. There is no downloading or installation required or involved. The service I recommend is a secure connection. The way you make sure it is secure is by looking at the address. The address will start out like this: httpS:// the S is for secure. Make sure you only sign up to a secure YouTube proxy.

unblock youtube in turkey

Now, this is how simple it is to sign up to this Turkey proxy service which will unblock YouTube in turkey for you. All you have to do is:

  • Go to: https://www.proxy-center.com
  • You can read the reviews on the page, and read about the proxy
  • Click on the Free Trial if you would like to try the service out first- why not? You don’t have to provide any information in order to use the Free Trial
  • Once you are ready to sign up all you have to do is click on the sign up button
  • Choose a plan that works best for you, either yearly, 6 month or 2 month plan
  • Checkout
  • Once you have checked out, you will receive your log-in information within minutes

You will now have the ability to unblock YouTube in Turkey as well as access Facebook, unblock Twitter and Google…. and unblock blocked sites!

You can read here for more information on the internet censorship

unblock youtube in turkey

Access Twitter in Turkey

Twitter has been blocked and banned in Turkey for a few days already. We have all been hoping that it would not last long, however, seeing that it’s already been a few days and Twitter is still blocked in Turkey, the question of how to access Twitter in Turkey is what we are all asking now. At first there was a way to still access Twitter by changing your DNS code to Google’s public DNS code or You could see these codes spray painted on walls. People were sending tweets on twitter with the hashtag #twitterinturkeyisblocked Then, that was blocked as well, according to the guardian.

We don’t know if this internet censorship is going to last a long time, such as the internet censorship in China has lasted years already. I hope that unlike China, that the internet in Turkey will not be blocked for long.

access twitter in turkey

The internet censorship is not new to me. I just didn’t think that I would have to find a way to access Twitter in Turkey as well. I travel to China and find myself facing the same issues in china as I now face in Turkey. For the moment, Facebook and YouTube are not blocked yet, however it is most likely just a matter of time before those social media platforms are censored as well. You want to prepare yourself so that you don’t feel left in the dark when this does happen, and you wont be extremely stressed out trying to find a way to unblock YouTube and access Facebook as well. I suggest having a look at this website which will allow you to access Twitter in Turkey.
Try The Free Trial Now!
Let me explain how this works: The first thing that you want to look for when searching for a web based proxy is that it is secure. The URL will start off looking like this: https:// and not just http:// the S is for secure. First things first. Next, look to see if the service provides a free trial. A Twitter proxy that offers a free trial, is most likely reliable. For example: Proxy Center offers a free trial and they do not ask for any personal information for you to be able to use it. As well, this Turkey proxy service offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

The difference between a Twitter proxy and a VPN: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN has to be downloaded to your computer. Aside for the fact that I will not download anything from someone I don’t know, it also requires installation. Too complicated for me. I prefer the easier route of the proxies- no downloading, no installation. You just log into the website you are given. It really is that simple. You can access Twitter in Turkey very easily.

Next. How do I unblock Twitter? Simple. You go to the website and click on the signup button. Next you will choose the plan that works best for you. You can choose:

  • Bi-monthly
  • Semi-annual
  • Annual

Once you have signed up to the Twitter proxy service your question of how to access Twitter in Turkey is almost and so close to being solved! Within minutes of sign- up you will receive an email to your inbox with you log-in information. That’s all!

All you have left to do is go to the website that was given to you and enter your username and password! Enjoy your freedom to access Twitter in Turkey! Oh, also make sure to use the coupon code COUP25 for a 25% discount, it worked for me! Unblock Twitter in Turkey NOW!

access twitter in turkey



Access Facebook in Vietnam

Did you know that you cannot access Facebook in Vietnam? If you didn’t know… now you do. I only found out when I had left china where I know that you cannot access Facebook and went over to Vietnam for a few days of meetings. Since it was the first time I had gone to Vietnam, I didn’t know that the internet is censored there as well. I was bummed, but got over it as soon as I realized that I can use the same Facebook proxy service that I use in China, to access Facebook in Vietnam as well.

It makes it pretty easy when you can use a web proxy in China and use the same one in Vietnam. That’s right, you can use one proxy service subscription from different locations around the world. I don’t even have to bring the same computer device along. Since it’s not a VPN service, and it is web based, all I have to do is sign into the website address that this Facebook proxy provides, and there I go, it is now a proxy Vietnam! I can access Facebook in Vietnam!

access facebook in vietnam

Photo: flickr.com/photos/gudi3101/6967882867

I had my Samsung Galaxy and iPad along with me. I decided to leave my laptop back in China, and the web proxy worked perfect on both of the devices I brought along to Vietnam. The small things in life that we are grateful for! Okay, my friends all know that I am a bit addicted to social media and YouTube and I have my set playlists, and I like listening to them wherever I possibly can. It’s really awesome having the ability to connect and unblock blocked sites even in countries that try banning me from listening to my Glee music, and having the ability to access Facebook in Vietnam as well as youTube and my other social media channels.

I have a trip coming up shortly to Turkey, and as the internet situation in Turkey is unstable at the moment, not knowing whether or not they are going to ban and block Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in Turkey as well, I have peace of mind knowing that that will not be an issue for me!

If you are still thinking about whether or not you would like to use this service, I recommend you try the free trial offered. Honestly, there is nothing to lose by trying it out. Then you can make your mind up! Oh, and don’t forget that this great web proxy Vietnam offers a 25% discount! You can use the coupon code COUP25 Now that is really nice, isn’t it??

Enjoy being able to access Facebook with Vietnam proxy, as well as twitter and having the ability to unblock YouTube anywhere in the world with this web proxy!

access Facebook in Vietnam